Shows People are Talking About (except Game of Thrones)

You know how it is when everyone is talking about a TV show that you’ve never seen? Well, I put away my fair share of TV now that I’m freelancing/unemployed and here’s my quick rundown of shows I’ve seen.

  • Sons of Anarchy: About a motorcycle gang that spends more time hugging each other and hanging out in a hospital than riding bikes.
  • Californication: It’s about a guy who can’t stop getting laid written by a guy who never gets laid. No one in the world talks or acts like the characters on this show.
  • Homeland: It’s 24 only Jack Bauer is a woman and crazy.
  • Walking Dead: Survivors of a zombie holocaust debate whether they should stay where they are or go somewhere else. Every once in a while some zombies show up.
  • Mad Men: Unhappy people who only find happiness when making other people unhappy.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Should be called The Neil Patrick Harris Show. No one cares how the other guy met “the mother.”
  • Breaking Bad: Adventures of super smart guy and his really annoying sidekick who uses the word “bitch” a lot.
  • True Blood: Overacting with lots of nudity and annoying accents. Seriously, how hard is it to do a Louisiana accent?
  • American Horror Story: If you tell your gay friends you watch it, you’ll be in their cool book.
  • 2 ½ Men: When I drink all day and hit on girls way too young for me, it’s sad. When Charlie Sheen does it, its funny and sad.
  • The Killing: I tried to watch it. Really, I tried. Might be good. Not my thing.
  • Hannibal: CSI with more blood.
  • House of Lies: Be careful. I like this show so much that I started talking like Don Cheadle at work and it may have gotten me fired. 


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2 responses to “Shows People are Talking About (except Game of Thrones)

  1. Awesome. I haven’t watched Game of Thrones either.

  2. Fernanda

    Mad Men is right on… 🙂 funny!

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