A message to all ad agencies: I’m single (again).

Jobs are like marriages. On the day you’re hired, it’s one of the happiest days of your life. And, usually, that’s the happiest you’re going to feel at that job. I’ve been married 8 times (in other words, 8 different jobs). I want to spend the next year dating. Or, as I like to call it—freelancing.


Paying the bills used to be my ultimate goal. I’ve accepted jobs in the past that weren’t right, but were right now—when I needed the money. On this new adventure, paying the bills will no longer be a priority. I will get by the old fashioned way—by picking up odd jobs and begging friends and family. BTW, mystery shopping pays well and gives you plenty of free meals. My priority is to find the right job. I want to freelance my ass off. I want to work for big agencies and small agencies. The creative shops and the conservative ones. It doesn’t matter. It’s time to sow my creative oats.


I want to be your freelance copywriter. I want to help you with big ideas that solve problems. If we hit it off, hire me for another project. Let’s see where it goes from there.


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