The Illusion of Work

 I wasn’t a great student growing up. On nights when I was supposed to be studying, I would open a book and pretend to study whenever my mother walked by. I was only hurting myself but at least I would get sympathy from my parents instead of anger when my grades were bad. I wasn’t doing my homework, I was doing the illusion of homework.

 Today, I look around the office and see coworkers doing the illusion of actual work. They show up on time, stay late and always have their timesheets done. They love to attend meetings. They participate by agreeing with safe decisions. They rarely bring anything to the table. 

 Ask these workers if they’re busy–they’re swamped. They love to brag about their workload. Have they accomplished anything major? Who knows. But, if they were here until 10pm last night, you’ll know. They’ve spent a career doing what I did when I was 15.



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2 responses to “The Illusion of Work

  1. When I started to work for the first time I was 20 years old and I thought to myself “alright, finally the real world, where responsible grown up people is”. Nothing further away from reality. It was like going back to high school. Every one screwing with everyone and bitching about it all the time. Work? What was that?

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